2016-04-16 19:59 #0 av: Bappho

Nu i april kommer en ny bok från Janet Farrar och Gavin Bone. Lifting the Veil: A Witche's Guide to Trance-Prophesy, Drawing Down the Moon, and Ecstatic Ritual.

Jag tycker själv det låter som ett intressant ämne.

Så här beskriver de själva boken:

We are pleased to announce that our New Book, Lifting The Veil: A Witches Guide to Trance-Prophesy, Drawing Down The Moon and Ecstatic Ritual, is currently at the printers and will be now officially released a month early on the 28th of April. It is the most comprehensive and in depth book on the subject of trance and ecstatic states in the neo-pagan and witchcraft movements. It includes the history of trance in paganism, the relationship between the modern magical revival and spiritualism, practical techniques (The Four Keys) and different traditions of trance.